Transforming You Perfectly!

Saturday, 28 June 2014


Here's another little preview from the ACCESSORIES photo-shoot, the latest from ISABELLA, featuring some truly stunning images:

It is Monday, 8.30am, you have just applied the finishing touches to your make-up and are having a last glance at yourself in the full length mirror before stepping out of the door. Suddenly, you hear a message coming through on your mobile.
You take the phone out of your bag, it is from your boss. Your pulse starts to race, there is a last minute change, she wants you to wear red instead of white to today's conference.
You have less than 20 minutes to change into red and accessorize it perfectly. Do you think you could do that? It may rather daunting to some but this is how good you have to be to be part of one of the mentors' teams at SENTINAL.
Keeping our girls on their toes is how we maintain the highest standards and it is why the graduates from IMAGEMAX are so sought after.
The above scenario is just one of the many ways in which we drill into our trainees the importance of looking their absolute best at all times, which is also reflected in their high standard of work. But this is only part of the story. The colours which they are instructed to wear are not always random. Sometimes they are what we,the mentors will be wearing to a conference or important meeting with potential new clients.
Jacquelyn receives last minute instructions

 Having their team of assistants walking obediently behind them wearing outfits which compliment theirs demonstrates how disciplined and truly professional our graduates are. It also sends a powerfully provocative message to the feminized assistants themselves that not only are they now in a fully servile role but that they can now be considered mere accessories..like a belt or pair of shoes. The concept was first dreamed up by EMMA ,who after dressing her trainee personal assistant in an outfit which colours matched hers found that it drew a lot of attention which in turn made it even easeir to exert her control. Since then it has incorporated into our programme and it's now not uncommon to see our mentors with teams up to three or four strong behind them! 

Jacquelyn with her mentor Isabella

Monday, 26 May 2014

Accessories: New Update From FEMINIZATIONS

From L-R Jacquelyn, Sarah, Isabella and Kim.
      Fantastic new photo-shoot from SENTINAL featuring ISABELLA starting to increase her control over her assistants and our other mentors doing likewise.

More to follow.....


Sunday, 27 April 2014

RED HOT LOOKS! (From Issue VI)

                                                     We are back with a bang here at SENTINAL with an update from ISSUE VI. Featuring KIMBERLY who continues to go from strength to strength as well as some of our other new girls on the block. KIMBERLY leads the way in a sexy lipstick red mohair turtleneck dress which really shows off her amazing figure. She caused quite a stir during the photo shoot and now has a growing list of admirers

More updates coming your way soon!


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Kimberly: The New Face Of ImageMax!

                                We are still gearing up for the New Year here at SENTINAL and it will be big year for myself and the company. I will assuming creative control of  ImageMax and will also be overseeing the transition to the new website.

Kimberly's feature story in the magazine

                                  We have chosen KIMBERLY as the face of the new campaign. She has been with us for several months now and I have personally overseen her feminization from day 1. She will also feature heavily in the new website design which will have a much more professional look as well as a feature story in the magazine. 

So please join us in congratulating KIMBERLY in her new role!


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

ISSUE I: Here Come The New Teams!

                                              New re-edited Issue I is here with an amazing front cover featuring one of the new teams from ImageMax! With the recent expansion in our programme we have now created teams for each one of our stables managed by EMMA,PARKER and SELINA as well as a fourth team made up of graduates which will be headed by ISABELLA. These new teams will create some much needed competition as they battle it out to see who comes out on top!

Lipstick Reds Logo

                                           The new cover shot of Issue I features "Team Emma" also known by their nickname "The Lipstick Reds". Emma chose the red and black team colours herself and I think you will agree that Emma and her team look super hot! Look out for the other three teams coming soon.

New Issue I

                                           As if that isn't enough, the new issue also features a bonus ENCASEMENT special featuring some amazing Avant-garde creations by our very own team here at SENTINAL.

Bonus Encasement special

Get ready to choose your team!


Thursday, 5 September 2013


                                  Continuing with our re-editing of the FEMINIZATIONS magazine, we have just completed the cover shot for issue II which features SELINA, our new mentor here at SENTINAL! As the numbers going through ImageMax have increased recently it was decided that we needed to expand the team that manages it.
                                 So with that in mind we have now created another stable which will be headed by Selina, who very recently joined the senior management team as marketing director. She will lead the new team, ensuring that our trainees pass smoothly through their feminization and will also create some healthy competition with the other two stables, which are led by  PARKER and EMMA.
                                Selina is actually a longtime friend of Parker, sharing her passion for jujitsu and just like Parker, cuts an imposing figure which is sure to command the obedience of the new inductees who will be working under her.

SELINA looking fantastic on the cover of ISSUE III!

Here is a small snippet form the magazine:

Nikki      :How does it feel to be involved in ImagMax?
Selina     :I can't wait! I am pretty familiar with it already as I have been to the offices many times before.
Nikki     :You didn't need much persuading then!
Selina     :No not at all, it's an added bonus to be be doing it along with my marketing role.
Nikki     :So has Parker been giving you any advice?
Selina     She knows that I can do it. so she didn't really need to say much. I will be helping to keep all the trainees under a tight leash.
Nikki      : It will be like having two Parkers!
Selina     : Yes exactly! The new trainees won't know what's hit them! Parker and I have already made plans to double up on them when needed.
Nikki      : How many charges do you have now?
Selina     : I have two now and will be getting two more in a couple of weeks. Then they will slowly build up the size after that.
Nikki     : What are you looking forward to the most?
Selina    : Deploying my weapon of course! (Laughs) Even if they don’t step out of line I’ll still going to be making good use of it!

More in Issue III!